05 March 2006

Thank Allah its Friday!

That’s the title of the photograph MMY gave me on Sunday. It a smaller print of the photo He has over the exotic table in his room. It’s such a beautiful photograph! It’s a panoramic view of hundreds of Muslim men, all performing the 'Sujud' and the solemnity, reverence, uniformity and unity of purpose the picture captures is just so … the word to describe it eludes me, I am actually getting goose bumps writing this! Looking at this photo, I am reminded of what God’s reasons were for creating Man; to keep his company, and to worship Him. Man’s worship would be different and priceless to God, because He (Man) has the right to choose whether or not to worship The Creator. Seeing all these men in this position, worshiping God by their actions just blows me away, I think it’s the kind of scene I would like to wake up to every day, and in our ever busy world, its good to remember why we are on earth. Have a great week.

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JJ said...

nice writings!