03 April 2006

Arsenal 5 0 Aston Villa - Injury Update

It seems Fabregas and Eboue will be making the trip to Turin afterall!

Fabregas and Eboue set to travel to Turin for second leg


sokari said...

tank de lord ma sista tank im well well - I went into panic mode when I heard of the injury situtation - ironic isnt it Viera leaves to get CL glory with Juve and we WILL knock them out. We are on a run and cannot be stopped! To be honest this next match will be stress - not sure I can manage it sober:)

adefunke said...

Ironic it is. I am not sure if I will be able to watch the match live either, not that I doubt the guys, the emotional toll for me will just be too much.

Go Gunners!!!

Gunner for life!!!