03 April 2006

The bespectacled I

Okay so it’s official, I need glasses.

Yup, been having headaches for awhile, usually starts in my temples then it moves to the front of my head. I started getting these headaches earlier in the year, once it got so bad I had to go see a doctor who prescribed some migraine type medication. I had been relatively headache free since then, but when I resumed from the census holiday I had a headache every day for a week. PC suggested I go get my eyes tested, but I am so lazy, plus I hate walking in the sun. Anyways headache strikes again this weekend and MMY says I should go get an MRI (imagine) because a headache starting in my temples is not a good sign, maybe I have a tumor or something. I have never met a bigger alarmist than MMY. Thank God he isn't a woman! Well he spooked me sufficiently because I got off my lazy butt, got the slip from the doctor in the clinic in my office then trudged down the Marina (in the sun and I was wearing all black) to the opticians. After much testing and reading, I am diagnosed as short-sighted and slightly astigmatic. Apparently I am getting headaches as a result of the short-sightedness. The cute optician (he has pink lips) suggested I go shopping for a pair of frames I would like. He reckons that if I like my frames, I would always be inspired to wear them, thereby minimizing further damage to my eyes. He said my lenses would be ready in a day, max two once I have picked out a pair of frames. I am not all that excited at the thought of wearing glasses, but I would like to get to the bottom of these headaches, so frame shopping I will go.


Ore said...

Woohooo! Welcome to the Four Eyes Club!. I have been wearing glasses since I was 13. I am VERY short-sighted and also have astigmatism. I wear contact lenses now and so you could try that. The only thing is that I have been told that opticians here can't make contacts for eyes with astigmatism.

I ordered some once and they really didn't fit well. I had to throw the whole lot away.

Well, there are lots of cute frames. Plus, people will think you are even smarter than you are.

adefunke said...

No kidding!

I really wouldn't want to get contacts here, everyone I have met who got theirs here always has this 'deer caught in the head lights' look all wide eyed! I am convinced the opticians here are not getting something right. I'll just get spectacles for now and wait to explore the contacts option when I go to the US later in the year.

I am looking forward to not having to squint anymore!

Everchange said...

Welcome to the club indeed. Glasses make you look smarter and hipper (depending on the frames!).

Adunni said...

i know its late but i just had to drop a line.
I've been in the club since i was 10 (i'm also very short - sighted) so i'd like to welcome you to the club. Me being an old pro and all, the best advice i could give you (oro agaba) is "Get Contacts" they are a life saver. You can get them in Lagos ( i did and if i don't tell you, you wouldn't know that i was wearing them) you just have to find a brand that suits you. Acuvue works for me just fine. Most people wear Fresh Look which in my opinion is terrible for people who use it to aid their sight. I tried it and it did give me that wide eyed look you talked about plus it was bigger than my pupil which was really wierd and it didn't last (it tore).
But if you still feel more comfortable in glasses then go for it. There are a lot of nice frames available just get ready for the names you'll get (oju igo)and the people who'll think you're a genius simply 'cos you wear glasses.

adefunke said...

@ Adunni
Decided to go the glasses route for now, but thanks for the tip on contacts. I got some nice frames yesterday which I have dropped of with the optician, any day now I will be a 'card' carrying member of the 'Oju Igo' club!