19 April 2006

The Bespectacled I - Another update

I see what y'all mean by glasses give the impression of intelligence. I attended a meeting yesterday and I have never gotten as much respect in a meeting. I am used to being looked at beause of my hair, but yesterday not only where they looking at me, they were actually listening to what I was saying, and I was the most junior officer present. After each item on the agenda, the meeting co-ordinator would summarise and look at me for my nod of understanding and agreement. I initially thought this was happening because the guy was cute and apparently unmarried (naked 4th finger on his left hand), so the next summary he made I looked confused and someone else said 'Funke don't you agree with what has been said?' I am like wow! The ED (Executive Director) of the department hosting the meeting dropped by briefly. On his way out he goes 'okay everyone have a good meeting' then he nods in my direction and says 'Madam' like I was some really big oga then he leaves. Interesting

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Smilodon said...

Hello everyone,

I found this blog by accident, but I am glad I did. I am going to add it to my bookmarks and hopefully visit it more often as an alternate source to what the mainstream media disseminates over there in Nigeria.

Best Regards.