18 April 2006

This heat na die

'If for no other reason, I must show for heaven'

I admonish myself as I sat sweltering in the heat at the weekend. I didn't even try to venture out of the house, even church on Sunday was early so we would be home before the heated came down. When it eventually rained on sunday evening, I almost went out to frolic! I guess in the past couple of years it has gotten progressively hotter, the problems we have encountered recently in generating power have just highlighted the heat factor. I cannot but wonder, how are my peeps in the Niger Delta coping with all that flaring? I hear tempratures there na die!

I get to work today and the first thing I ask PC as we walk from the car park to our office building is 'what are your thoughts on weather changes in Nigeria and gas flaring in the Niger Delta'? 'Don't talk to me about the Niger Delta' he snaps at me (we had a really heated debate about the Niger Delta a while back, and reflecting on my comments then with what I know now, I was very ignorant) Now I can see why PC snapped at me earlier. Forget Nigeria, think the effects of gas flaring on global warming! The statistics are horrifying to say the least and the likes of Shell and Mobil continue to flare gas in ever increasing proportions as we all fold our arms and look on. Apparently Shell have been ordered by a Nigeria court to stop gas flaring in Iwherekan their response they plan to continue flaring till 2009 and we have a government that is claiming to serve the people o. I wonder if the senators from the Niger Delta also partook of the $1M incentive to support Baba Iyabo's 3rd term bid, seeing all his administration has done with respect to the environment if nothing else!

Judge orders Shell Nigeria MD and Petroleum Minister to appear in court Climatelaw.org

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