21 April 2006

The renovation of Oyo Road

After much consideration, I have come to the conclusion that everyone in Ibadan lives 6 degrees of separation from Oyo Road. Oyo road is a one lane road leading to Oyo town, Ogbomoso, etc. On a visit home late last year, I noticed the commencement of construction work on our great Oyo road. Apparently, the road is to be widened and dualised. I was pleased to hear this, and had visions of an Awolowo road Ikoyi like transformation. Alas, at least 6 months down the road, work seems to have come to a halt. The clearance required to accommodate the reconstruction has been done taking with it the huge tree at Sobande Avenue, the stonework in front of Mokola Market (and the firewood sellers stalls), The fence of the post office at UI, the list goes on. I am happy to report that so far, the UI fence has not taken a hit. Drainage has also been dug up, leaving huge excavations on both sides of the road, which I am worried about with the rainy season long overdue to commence. We are either experiencing the handiwork of the local rainmakers (employed to delay the rains to accommodate the construction work), or the effects of global warming, whichever works for you. If indeed the rainmakers are holding the rains, at the rate the work is progressing, or should I say not progressing, that road will take a really long while to complete; can the rainmakers really hold off nature for that long? My question was answered the very next day as it rained something fierce

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Olawunmi said...

lol. nature refused to play ball? lol