24 April 2006

Weekend shopping

My weekend was fun, I went shopping. I have a wedding which I will be attending first weekend in May. Weddings can be stressful, the trick I have found especially when I am not related to either the bride or groom is to arrive just in time for the thanksgiving (typical wedding lasts 2 hours, so I arrive like 1 and a half hours into the ceremony, making a 10 min allowance for 'African Time') and just join the line of well-wishers, dancing to the altar. I wiggle my fingers at the happy couple and drop an offering in the offering basket. The I hang around for another 20-30 mins till the end of the ceremony, bare my teeth for the 'Couple with Brides friends/Grooms friends/Colleagues' picture, whichever group I fall into then I am free. I got a well priced green lace which I am thinking I will make into Skirt & Blouse as opposed to Iro & Buba but do I have the time to be chasing Musa (my tailor)? The aso-ebi is supposed to be mint green and red, and I am having some reservations about that. I think I will wear my burgundy gele on my green lace, I feel a lot more comfortable with that, plus I really don't need to be buying any items of clothing/accessories that will not add value to my new life (I am of to graduate school and I can smell it remember?)

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