17 May 2006

Arsenal 1 - 2(3) Barcelona

The thing pain me no be small, not just the loss o, plus all the lunch wey I don bet with my colleagues!!!

My phone has been buzzing since yesterday, I have received all sorts of messages/calls form the sympathetic, to the down right nasty, and the condolence visits? A colleague just left here, he cam all the way from one of our nearby branches to 'ensure that I was able to come to work' Imagine!

I guess we will have better luck next time, I am very proud of the whole team even Almunia. Although with this champaign we lose the cover of being underdogs, we have so many things going for us, next season we might just make it to the finals again and lift the cup.

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Anonymous said...

I am still gutted...

I was looking out for some serious celebrations in North London. If only Henry had put away that chance in the 66th minute....Ifs.

The future looks good...now that the king is staying. We chall be back

wolefash said...

hey, take heart baby. better days are ahead. Look at the bright side of life. King Henry I is staying, we have a sparkling new stadium, the best coach in the world, need I say more ?

2undeh said...

oh...not another gunner. Hard luck with your loss. The bst team won. And it's pity Henry is staying to terrorise premiership defences again.

ps: In case you're wondering. I'm a Kop fan. Arsenal should have taken tips from us on how to win the CL. nway, your time will come.

adefunke said...

@ aba boy & wolefash - I was getting a little upset with Henry with his 'obasanjo' like behaviour, its good to know he will be staying. We also just signed Rosicky, and I am hoping this event will herald the spending of quality money on good talent. And I am happy there is no talk of Wenger leaving :-)

@2undeh - KOP?