23 May 2006

Nationalism, Nija Dishes and Parenting

I just got the June edition of True love, and Asa is on the cover (rocking her locks, you go girl!) I haven't read it, all the 'browsers' in my office didn't allow me more than a quick peek before they started sharing tally numbers! However I was able to ascertain that the food section is all Nigerian! Although its been fun reading and cooking (in my head) all the dishes previously highlighted from all over the continent, my nationalistic side reared its head in pride when I saw this months offering. And what gems to feature, puff-puff (my breakfast staple fashy the oil, something will kill you!), Moin-Moin (cooked in leaves), goat meat pepper soup, edikang ikong, okazi and banga yum yum!

This must be the 'Music' issue as they have featured not only Asa, but Lagbaja and they have thrown in Femi Kuti for good measure - he is featured in an article along with two other men on single male parenting. There is a picture of the two of then (Femi and Made) sharing a mic playing the sax. I can bet my car that Made will not grow up habouring resentment against Femi for sending him to his band master to learn to play the sax! But you know the kid might just grow up habouring resentment against Femi for teaching him the sax instead of letting him learn from the band master!! Parenting can be a real slippery slope!!! On the subject of Femi, has anyone heard him talk recently? The other day I was watching MTV Base and an advert came up featuring him talking with a really pronounced yoruba accent. It sounded very strange to me since I have often heard Femi talk and he didn't really have an accent although like his dad he spoke plett of pidgin. Perhaps he is growing into his accent with visibility as Kofi Annan has been doing since he became the SG of the UN.

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JJ said...

nice one.
that asa chica has some sexy lips! danG :)

btw, edikikong is my fav. soup of all time!