08 May 2006

Weekend Runs - The after wedding party

I am really proud of myself, I tied my Haze type gele in a record 5 mins, in the dark okay by candle light! My Girl and her husband pick me up about 8:30 pm and I am thinking so what exactly are the hours for a night party these days? When I was younger, night parties didn’t end till 4-5 AM, and they typically started late, say 10 PM. I guess with the increased audacity of robbers (they have been known to hold up a whole party, making off with a fortune in jewelry and crisp Naira notes), night parties don’t hold overnight anymore, this one was supposed to start for 7 PM so I am guessing by 1 AM max 2 AM everything should be over.

We get to the venue and the parking lot is packed to the brim. There where policemen everywhere you looked and I tried to be comforted by their presence. We wait to hook up with Goldie and her husband, and then we all go in to the party. The band is playing and we get great seats; one of the tables lining the dance floor. It is afterall a show, one must ensure one can see! Our table is opposite an intricate stack of speakers, and I could feel my gele (headtie) vibrating. I am confident it wouldn’t unravel though, I had pinned all ‘pinables’. No sooner are we seated that the ‘paparazzi’ arrive. I use the word do describe the photographers that are at every party taking ‘wait and get’ pictures. They take your picture and then a couple of hours later you get your print. Of course these guys are shooting with film. The trend now apparently is to shoot with digital. With a digital shot, the wait to get your print is minutes as opposed to hours. Also you are spared having to pay for nasty pictures because you can view the picture before they actually print it. I cover my face to avoid being photographed; I have enough party shots of myself at home. I look around and there are beautifully dressed women everywhere. The ‘aso-ebi’ was a nice cream-colored organza lace with chocolate brown and gold gele (not damask or aso-oke, Haze type gele). For a jewelry enthusiast such as my self this place was overflowing with eye candy, all kinds of lovely pieces. From a security point of view, I am thinking a lot of what was on display must be costume jewelry, then I remind myself, this is Lagos, it might all be real. A lot of what was on display was metal, a lot of which was yellow. I am guessing this is to facilitate maximum dazzle effect, since it was nighttime. I had asked My Girl who was playing and she had assured me it was not Sunny. As I wondered whom the performer was, she appeared on stage bearing a strong resemblance to Eucharia something or the other (Nollywood actress with flawless complection and chinese eyes). She is standing as still as a rock as she sings in an alto voice. I am like na wa for this very lively performer o. As if she heard me she sprang into action with her backup singers. She is shaking her waist with a lot of enthusiasm while her buttocks are moving like they have a life of their own. I am transfixed as I wonder if this isn’t a little too vulgar. The floorshow goes on for another 15 mins and then the couple arrives and takes the floor.

Everyone springs forth to spray them with crisp currency notes (Naira, Pounds, Euro, Dollars, etc) as they dance. After about 15 mins of dancing, the couple breaks to go round and say hello to everyone who had come out to honor them with their presence. The MC takes the stand, thanks everyone for coming and then announces that the groom’s parents will now dance. Apparently this is what happens, the dances are called, so you know at anytime who is on the dance floor. I was touched as I watched the grooms father spray his very lovely wife. I noticed that with each group the couple also danced with them. Poor things. All of a sudden I see something. It’s a bird it’s a plane its its ... Jane having a bad day!? I blink repeatedly I had been drinking wine, and I wasn’t convinced I had consumed enough for me to be seeing things. I nudge My Girl and judging from the grunt she gave as she looked in the direction I nudged her I could tell I wasn’t seeing things. First off I must commend the woman on her ingenuity with the fabric she chose to make her outfit with. That said it appeared her sense of style was on terminal vacation. She had on an outfit made from chocolate brown/blue Ankara. The blouse was a bell-sleeved tunic made from some black material and unto which was sewed petal/leaves cut out of the Ankara material. The petals/leaves weren’t sewed on like appliqué, it was more like the petals/leaves where growing out of the tunic. The skirt was of the fishtail variety and made completely from the Ankara fabric. I think the petal/leaves growing out of the fabric theme continued here, I am not really sure. She had on a white and yellow metal chocker, in a design I had seen before. I say metal because I am not sure if it was real or costume. To top of her outfit she has on a chocolate brown and gold gele. She looked like she swung into the party on a vine; I wished I had a camera with me to capture this … apparition for posterity’s sake. I had to applaud her though; she walked around the party like she was hosting it, dancing away with reckless abandon on the dance floor. I was thoroughly entertained watching her, looking around a lot of the people at the party shared the same sentiment. Perhaps I should suggest to the hostess of the party that she be paid for the time she put in. She provided entertainment for a large majority of us. At about 1 AM I look behind me and the hall is half full, people are leaving. My party and I decide to leave also and it is a quick dash down 3rd mainland for us while Goldie heads off to Lekki. As My Girl drives into the estate to drop me off (her husband was feeling sleepy so she drove) power comes back on, perfect timing. I get home admire myself one more time in the mirror and then I get ready for bed. As I struggle to keep my eyes open (I am that tired) I call My Girl and Goldie and I am glad to hear everyone got home okay. Lights out!

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