08 May 2006

Weekend Runs

So the Suns beat the Lakers. I don’t normally follow basketball, but STV have left me no choice. I have got the NBA playoffs coming out of my ears!

I attended a night party this weekend; I can’t remember the last time I attended one, possibly 2002! It was the after party for the wedding I had earlier mentioned. My initial plan was to get to the church just as the pictures were being taken, say hello to everyone and leave. Alas there was some traffic getting to Yaba, and as I arrived at the church, I saw people driving off. It was a real circus and I am thinking I am all decked up, somebody has to see me so I head of to the reception. I get in early (which is a good thing) and reserve a whole table for myself and my peeps (Me, My Girl and her husband, Goldie and her husband and any other hangers on). I look around and its like the pages of City People and Ovation had come alive, everybody who was anybody was there, atleast the women. I whiled away the time waiting on my party to arrive playing ‘spot the celebrity’. I spot Uncle S coming in and go over to say hello. We joke about always seeming to meet at weddings. My peeps where really taking their time arriving for the reception and inevitably I lost 3 of the seats I was keeping. Finally I see my party, My Girl looks great, I haven’t seen her since her wedding in February. It’s a nice reception, although the chairman’s toast or whatever its called was a bit long-winded. I am gossiping with My Girl when I here someone say ‘Hello Miss Alaja’ I look behind me and its good looking elderly man ‘this man must be friends with my mum’ I think as I respond like the well brought up Yoruba girl that I am. ‘I was in school with your dad’ he said. Hmmm… I like meeting friends of my dad. I have since given up trying to like create a realistic picture of him, you know how people have nothing but good things to say about the departed and I am like no way this guy could have been this perfect. Anyhow, we chat a little and he asks after my mum and all that. As he is about to leave, he takes a long look at me and shakes his head. I know why he did that; I bear a strong resemblance to my dad. People who knew him have addressed me straight away as Miss Alaja as they literarily stopped me in the street. I smile as I take my seat. Apparently one of the 3 people whom I lost the seats to knew my Grand-dad, (eavesdropper) she worked with him in Ibadan (thank God I wasn’t rude about the whole commandeering of the seats thing) and we spend sometime chatting.

‘O de wa fun night party ti awon oko fe she?’ (Why don’t you come for the night party the groom’s family will be throwing?) asks My Girl. Hmmm… My area is now on a new PHCN load shedding schedule. This means that I don’t have power in the late evening. Plus I have some grey/silver accessories I have been dying to wear out at night. So I am like sure, clear with your oga first if its okay to give me a ride to the party. It’s okay so we are good to go.

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