09 August 2006

Finally at the correct bus-stop

I am determined not to get screwed by the bus again today. Thinking about it it really wasn't the bus, it was me standing on the wrong side of the road. Anyways, got up early by accident rather than design, (wake up call from an recruiter scheduling an interview for next week) seriously if you can arrange to get an Indian living in India who learned to speak English in India from an Indian teacher who learned English pretty much the same way to call you in the morning, believe me you will never over sleep again. I had to use every fibre of my being to understand what the lady was saying! Washed my hair, took a shower got dressed. Came down had breakfast (a croissant and a very cold drink) checked my email to confirm the interview that woke me up, then its off to the bus-stop at a leisurely pace (sans a bottle of water) to catch the bus. Standing at the correct bus-stop sure is a lot better, not only does the bus stop for me to get on, there is a tree providing shade, so I get to read a couple of pages of my book before the bus arrives. I get on, make my transfer to the bus headed for downtown Dallas, I am on my way.

As a JJC, I told the bus driver what stop I wanted to get of at, and he said okay. Imagine my shock when the bus apparently reached the end of its route into downtown and headed back to the terminal. 'Eh excuse me' I call out to the driver. 'I am sorry I forgot you' he drawled . 'Well I can't let you out now ...' he said with a somewhat apologetic smile. I was angry obviously you can't let me out now, we are sprinting down the highway! Luckily I had factored in some time in case of 'incasity', and the bus was well airconditioned so I was not too late for my appointment and no I did not pay for another trip! The lady I met with was very nice and I had a nice time gisting her about Nigeria. She was shocked to learn I earned the equivalent 13k dollars per annum and I was able to rent a flat and own a car. The interview went well, I did a whole bunch of skill evaluation tests etc etc, I am hopeful I will get work very soon.

The ride back home was uneventful, well almost I need to get new shoes, flat and rubber soled. All my shoes are definitely not conducive for my new lifestyle, i.e. carless job hunter. My feet hurt so bad on my 10 min walk home, I momentarily forgot about the heat. As usual I collapse on the water cooler once I got in the house. I have a headache, I need to lie in a dark place for atleast an hour and I need sugar.


lanre said...

i dont wanna make small your complaint but i would'nt mind what you went tru. check out mine @ www.lanreigo.blogspot.com and pity me but you 'll probably say its nigerian factor.right? its titled the "screening exercise" read and know you're blessed.

NaijaBloke said...

Pele,Hope u get the job sha.
Don't worry the cooler days r coming soon.