08 August 2006

Dinamo Zagreb 0 - 3 Arsenal

Good news for us as we try and get a Champion League ticket. All the Ashley Cole gist tire me, the guy should go already. I see we will be playing Aston Villa at home on the 23rd, I know people in the US watch the Premiership, I am yet to figure out how.

Match Report Arsenal.com

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NaijaBloke said...

Yes we do watch the Premiership o,I actually watch it on Foxsport channel,but most of the very important matches r put on pay per view ...channel 110 on Timewarner.

Me I get one wayo wey I always use for them sha with the pay per view thingy

Check ur listing in ur area for it

adefunke said...

Really? My friends have comcast cable which was recently acquired by TimeWarner. What am I looking for in the listings?

NaijaBloke said...

U have to look for "Foxsportworld" It is on channel 110 on Timewarner.

Remi said...

Wayo abi, Na wa o! ;p

If all else fails, just go to bbc sports website!