08 August 2006

My thighs thicken

Growing up, I was all stick and bones I was such a fussy eater. I remember tossing my breakfast out the window in the mornings, and when my mum found me out stuffing said meal in my spider man metal lunch box to be desposed of at school (my kindergaten teacher ratted me out). I was so happy when I started staying for extra lessons in school, this mean't I would have my lunch brought to me in school and since I was unsupervised I didn't have to eat it.

I recall that time today with nostalgia as I stared at my thighs this morning, my pants are starting to not fit anymore!!! Horror!!! And I am not eating anything gengen o, although I must admit my meal times are now really weird; breakfast at 3 pm and lunch between 7 and 8 pm! I really can't wait to start work, then I can start eating at normal times again, although I fear that then I will really be exposed to all that delicious 'bad for my waist line, arms, thighs etc' foods out there. Unlike when I was younger, now I like to wack, really wack.

So why was I getting dressed? I had an interview with a recruiter. This was to be my first face to face interview with anyone, and I was looking forward to having an adult conversation with someone other than Spice and C. I had gone online yesterday and was pleased to find that I could get to the downtown location of the recruiter on my own by bus. So this morning I confirmed my appointment and headed out, men the heat no be Nija home video (e no get part two). I got in an argument with Spice and C the other day when I insisted it was hotter in Dallas than it was in Lagos, and today when I walked in the sun, I knew I had never ever experienced so much heat in Lagos, fashi that I am usually in doors. I get to the bus-stop just in time (gosh I need a drink, no wonder oyinbo and water bottles are inseperable), I see the bus drive by on the opposite side, good it will turn at the top of the road and come back for me I was also pleased to note that it was airconditioned. 30 mins later it occurs to me that this bus is not coming this way anytime soon, apparently it wasn't going to be taking the route I had imagined to downtown Dallas, bummer. I must at this point point out that map reading is not my forte, I was the happiest new senior in SS 1 when I found out that I could be a science student and not take geography. The next bus would come along in another 45 min, and I knew I would not be able to stand in the heat any longer (there was no bench or shelter) I feared I had already over exposed myself to the heat (as I speak my head is pounding, fashi aso-ebi, I should have brought Panadol with me). With visions of all those people who have been dying across the country of heat exhaustion I trudged back home and collapsed on the water cooler. Thankfully I was able to reschedule my interview for tomorrow and you guessed it, I will be carrying a bottle of water.


Anonymous said...

Dallas heat is terrible, I have been here for 10 years and i still cant stand it, even while in the car. I hope your interview goes well. First time on your site, stumbled upon it.

NaijaBloke said...

Hahahaaha men u just got me cracking up.

That is welcome to Texas for u o.The heat is 2nd to none,thatz why I don't venture out of my office until am ready to leave.

There was a 6yr old boy that died of exhuastion over here last week and a bunch of ppl getting heat stroke o,but don't worry u r naija now... lol

Goodluck on ur interview.

Rosie said...

These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.