26 September 2006

Grady 'Bad Boy' Brewer - Contender Champion 2006

I would not ordinarily consider myself a boxing fan; all that saliva, sweat and blood! However I must admit I have enjoyed watching the second season of the Contender on ESPN. From the beginning I had favoured Cornelius 'K9' Bundrage and had tipped him for the finals alas he seemed to give up in the ring fighting Steve '2 Pounds' Forbes in the semi's and had to slug it out against Norberto 'El Gallito' Bravo for the 3rd place medal. I was at work (I have a part-time gig at Kohls) so I didn't get to watch the third place match but I am told K9 showed Bravo, the fight had to be stopped in the 7th round. For reasons not related to boxing skill or prowess I just didn't like Forbes and throughout the competition I was always in the corner of his oponent. Tonight was no different, I was rooting for Grady 'Bad Boy' Brewer all night and what a fight. I will admit I never saw Brewer coming. Infact I was shocked to see him fight Bravo in their semi-final fight. 'Who is this guy, and where did he come from'? I wondered as he made mince meat of Bravo. Brewer used his hight and reach to his advantage, pulling Forbes in and messing up his rythm. At the end of the 10th round, Brewer had landed twice as many punches as Forbes and thrown atleast a hundred more. A lot of the rounds for me were quite close to call, but I felt that Brewer had a good chance of taking home the 500k, Toyota truck plus the Contender title. Apparently the judges felt the same, in a split decision Grady Brewer was crowned the Contender.

On a seemingly unrelated note, I am of the opinion that as well as the guys auditioning their skills for the show, they also had to audition their wives/significant others, either that or the show hired wives/significant others for them. All the ladies were really good looking!

A storybook ending for Contender 2 MSNBC.com

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