01 October 2006

Charlton Athletic 1 - 2 Arsenal

All the usual suspects agree that the 2nd Van Persie goal is a good contender for the goal of the season. Wenger described it as the goal of a lifetime. I really can't wait to see it, the Arsenal website hasn't put it up yet. Anyways this is our fifth win in a row across board, we are really looking good in the tables; we are leading our group in the champions league, and just a win away from getting in the top five in the premiership. On a related note, we seem to have a game in hand, anyone know who we will be playing? I pray we continue with our form. I must say that the upcoming international week break gives me some concern, messing up with our rythmn and all of that, but I pray we will be able to sustain form through it and after it.

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Babs said...

Hi Funke!

The match in hand is against Wigan Athletic sometime in Dec. Good to know another Gunner. You have to find a way to be seeing these matches oh! I'm almost sure a goal like Robin's wont be scored again this season. anywhere in europe. LOL