09 September 2006

Hair today, gone tomorrow perhaps? Help!

I don't know what to do with my hair.

I haven't put a comb through it since November '05, well Princess did make me in February '06, but I am sticking with my November story. Anyhow, Ore suggested to me in January that I dry my hair out with a towel using circular motions whenever I wash it to give the top the dread look. This worked fine till I got here when I must admit I stopped the circular motion thing (I was beginning to develop some serious biceps). So the top of my hair is all matted while the bottom is just normal natchy curls. I don't really mind this look, my hair kinda frames my face and my 'opon' isn't so prominent however Spice thinks the hair is distracting, it not looking like dreads or a proper afro.

Last week she finally managed to convince me to go to the salon and get my hair properly locked. She is really into hair, she applies relaxer herself at home. The deal was to go to the salon, and she would watch and then I wouldn't need to ever go to the salon again (assuming work does not take me away from Dallas). The salon is run by a Nija woman, and I must say I had some misgivings as we went for the appointment. I must point out that I no one has touched my head in almost two years. First I had problems with the way my hair was washed, I like my scalp to be thoroughly massaged while my hair is being washed, this lady hardly worked the shampoo into a decent lather. I was really beginning to doubt the quality of work I was about to pay $75 for, however I was in too deep and I really couldn't back out now. I braced myself as I was ushered into the stylist's chair. Two hours later, I realise I really should have just followed my church mind and not followed through with this 'adventure'. I felt sticky from all the beeswax the lady had used to form the locks. As I surveyed the havoc that had been wrecked on my poor hair, I assured the lady I liked what I saw. I am suprised the lady could not hear the audible ticking of my brain as I planned a strategy to get all the gunk out of my hair. As I paid her, I promised myself I wouldn't dwell on the fact that I had just thrown so much money away (I am still fresh off the boat from Nija, please allow me), rather I would face the challenge of restoring my hair to its normal state. 11 days, 2 bottles of shampoo and conditioner later, I can finally sleep without a head scarf. I really hope this renaturalisation process will end soon, I don't know how much of the almost boiling water my poor scalp can take! This morning I was thinking perhaps I should just scrape the whole thing off and start all over again, this thought crossed my mind as I inspected the progress made so far. It seems that I will succed in getting rid of the wax on the bottom parts of my hair, but the tips that had turned to dreads and where initially spicky prior to my expensive mishap, had kinda absorbed the wax and are now weighed down. I came to the conclusion that I would be needing a lot more than two bottles of shampoo and conditioner to restore the tips of my hair. Anyhow I will not despair, I shall prevail! (Nobody send me message o!)

Back to my earlier question, I guess if I can get my hair back to its pre expensive mishap state, then I will look for a stylist familiar with the look I am going for (that green eyed guy on CSI) and get it trimmed, else I will just scrape the whole thing off and start growing it again. I really don't see my self shelling out $75 on a regular basis to be fixing hair. Did I mention I am open to hair advice that does not involve chemicals or regular trips to salons involving huge amounts of money and fixing extension? I am!


Ore said...

I hate going to salons too and even though there are a wealth of salons here in Lagos to try out, I find that I don't and am now stuck in a hair rut. I guess I miss the liberal attitudes to hair in the US (though it seems to becoming more that way here too) and don't try all the funky styles I used to back in the day.

Anyway, the look you seem to want (Gary Dourdan of CSI's hair do) is a sort of twist out/comb out. You twist your hair (you can leave the twists in for a few days or take it out after a few hours). Then you untwist your hair. This should give you a spirally/Curly Sue-type do. You can wear this style for a few days. After that, you can start to pick the curls apart more and comb out your hair starting from the roots. This gives the style that Gary Dourdan wears.

Try www.nappturality.com for salons in the Dallas area. You can check out the forum (I believe that I have seen people ask about this in the past). If you don't find it, you can post on it.

Azuka said...

I usually tease ladies [including my mom] about all the attention they pay to their hair without meaning it, but you got me here -- 7 months is a long time to go without attending to hair, but well, hair sure can be annoying.

adefunke said...

@ Ore - Thanks, found 5 addresses for salons in the Dallas area already!

songreach said...

uh huh hair is another adjustment issue to deal with it. With the humidity and heat of Dallas you will really need to nurture your hair. I got really tired of messing with hair hence my "low cut" is as low as they come.

I hate to tell you this, but corporate america is still biased about black hair especially in its natural form...here's my two cents, since you are open to cutting your hair...cut it...start afresh, get a job...and build on your "twists". you can sue them for firing you because of a hairstyle but you can't make them hire you if you have a certain hairstyle.

by the way, welcome back to posting!

adefunke said...

@Songreach - Sounds like good advice.

Anonymous said...

i am another one trying to do the Gary Dourdan hair do.Was wondering how far you got with that. I am writing from London.
Also an Arsenal fan, just saw the 2nd goal by Van Pierse anainst Charlton - goal of the season definitely