09 September 2006

Achi, where art thou?

Everyone who knows me knows I like food from the eastern parts of Nigeria. (See earlier post) Two years ago, I was in the US on holidays and I spent a couple of days with a friend in New Jersey. I had this really nice soup with garri and asked her for the recipe which she promised to give me. Although it took two years to do that, I finally received the recipe by email. Its for Native Soup, cooked Okrika style with every edible water creature, I can't wait to try it out. I was suprised to see Oysters on the list of ingredients, I didn't know Oysters were found in Nigeria waters, my friend quickly set me straight. Also I think the achi will be a bit of a problem getting my hands on, although she assured me I can get it at my local Nigeria store. However there is something I think that will stop me from making this soup; palm oil. Spice doesn't cook with it because C has problems with acid reflux and the doctor advised that he stay way from it. She manages to make egusi and ogbonna soup without palm oil, and although it doesn't taste bad, I would still prefer to cook the soup with palm oil (I am well aware the palm oil is liquid cholesterol) because I don't want to spoil the experience. I hope I will be able to wait till I get a job and start living on my own to cook this soup, but as the thing dey do me ehn, I fit just fashi use groundnut oil cook am!


songreach said...

here's the trick...
1.saute obe ata sauce (ground pepper + onions) in canola oil (less saturated fat),

2. seperate the oil and use it where palm oil is called for

it will give you the same effect of palm oil

adefunke said...

Hmm... This sounds really interesting, could you help me out with proportions here, no of spoons of ground pepper, how many bulbs of onions, how many spoons of canola oil?

songreach said...

yes ma'am sorry i wrote ground pepper, use instead

1 red bell pepper
1 medium onion
2 habaneros (rodo)
double the canola oil your recipe requires so you can have plenty of oil to separate

chop in blender (don't blend) texture should be very grainy

saute in hot canola oil

let me know if it suffices