09 September 2006

Sorry, you don't qualify.

The other day, Spice suggested I look for part-time work, pending when I get a proper job. Of course I wasn't going to refuse her suggestion, this people are really trying for me, housing and feeding me for 3 months now I didn't want to look like I was planning to be a permanent fixture in their guest bedroom, and the thought of actually earning money really appealed to me (even if it was minimum wage) so off to the neigbourhood Kohls store we go. Yes they have vacancies, and before I knew what was happening, I had attended two interviews where I learned Vera Wang would soon be designing a line exclusively for Kohls. It was also determined that with my ' experience', I would be good as a cashier. I had to take a mandatory drug test and although I knew I was clean, my heart still threatened to burst forth from my chest as I passed my urine sample to the lady at the lab. (She 'wasted' most of it by the way, I was a little mad 'cos I had spent like 5 hours working on the batch!). Now I am waiting on the store to call me to start work. With each passing day I fear that the drug test has revealed something nasty, I don't know what is wrong with me sef! Anyhow, in preparation for this job that I have almost gotten, I realised I would need 1) comfortable shoes (of the 20 pairs I shipped in from Nija, not one meet the criteria) and 2) a cell phone so recruiters/prospective employeers can reach me when I am at work. After hours and hours of research on the Internet, and contributions from my friends, I decide to go with T-Mobile. Spice darling that she is takes me round town looking for a good deal (free phone)

I love gadgets, and for me a phone is just that, a gadget. While I would not spend all my money buying one, since I could get a free phone I had to shop around for the best in that category. I finally find a SonyErricsson phone which I wouldn't buy but was a perfect since it was free. I am thinking nothing can go wrong, then the sales person mentioned the words 'credit status' The two words that pretty much determine how far you can aspire/dream when it comes to owning pretty much anything in this country. With batted breath I waited for her to check and I was suprised to find I was actually in the system. Of course my credit score moved the phone from free, to $99.99. I was glad she didn't say I didn't qualify for a contract line. I got a good deal on another phone; a Nokia which I paid $20 for, and a 1 yr contract. The sales lady had earlier suggested that Spice take the phone on my behalf, but I figured that wouldn't really work in my favour, sure I would have the free phone but there is still the pesky business of credit history which I would face eventually renting an appartment, buying a car, etc. The earlier I start working on my history the better for me. So now I have a phone, and I am this close to starting work as a cashier at Kohls. I beginning to feel like an adult again.


T-man said...

Hey Adefunke, it always seems to take forever to settle down in any 'new' environment and your experience since leaving Nigeria will soon become history. I wish you all the best in your forthcoming part-time job but more importantly I pray you get a much stable full-time job soon.

Best wishes.

adefunke said...

@ t-man - Thanks

didi said...

welcome to obodo oyibo