01 February 2007

Customer is king III - Ask and you shall be given

So I am shopping for phone service and the choice is between Lingo and Vonage. I am leaning towards Vonage because if my friend refers me she gets 2 months of free service and I get the first month free but Lingo has a special on; 1st month free and $17+ for the next 6 months then regular price afterwards. Hmm ... what to do? I decide to call Vonage and see if I can get a deal similar to what Lingo is offering. 'Hi I am shopping around for a VOIP solution and I was wondering what you can offer me' Much marketing and hyping of the Vonage sevice ensued. I am calling with my precious minutes on a wednesday morning so I quickly cut to the chase, 'Lingo is offering this special; 1st month free, $17+ for the next 6 months then regular price there after, do you have a similar deal you can offer me?' 'Could you hold on for 2 minutes ma'am while I talk with my supervisor?' she asks me. 'Sure' I reply. About 3 mins later she comes back on ' Thank you ma'am for holding, at this time we can only offer you the first month free.' 'Thats a shame, I guess Lingo it is then' I reply I thank her for her time and hang up. It was worth a shot I console myself as I get back to work. A couple of hours later lo and behold I receive an email from the sales department at Vonage (I had given them my details at the start of the phone conversation) offering me 2 months free. Hows that for a 7 minute phone call?

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Anonymous said...

wow!!! smart move girl.your 7 minutes on the phone was really worth it.being reading your blog for a while now and im inspired esp by your progress here in the US.Looks like you are strong person inside and i really admire that.