05 February 2007

Me and Cold Sores

I left the gym on Friday feeling very accomplished, I had a session with my trainer and as I have said before, working out in Houston and LA two different experiences. I worked my legs and core and one would have thought cos I was working mostly with the Smith Ball and floor mats that it woudn't be strenuous. Think again. I was perspiring hard by the time our 45 min session was up. The 'highlight' of my session was when I, laying on my back was supposed to hold my trainers ankles and then swing my legs towards him while he would push them back with me resisting the push. I wasn't supposed to let my legs hit the floor on the downward motion. as I grabbed a hold of his ankles I was like thank God this guy isn't wearing shorts I would have had to ask that we do something else. The thought had not finished forming in my head when he said, 'I am sure you are grateful I am not wearing shorts!' I had to pause to allow for a good laugh.

In all my sweatiness as I hop in the car grateful for the leather seats (no fear of stinking up the car) I feel the left corner of my mouth start to tingle. Oh no, not a cold sore! I go home and shack some Vit C and decided to try Abreva the next day. Now Abreva is supposed to as well as help relieve itching, help speed up the healing process. Instructions said to apply it like 5 times a day, I can do that. I wash my hands and apply it on my sore, repeating this once again before I went to bed. Imagine my shock when I woke up on Sunday to have the right corner of my mouth tingling!!! Then I remembered what Princess always said if your have something wrong with one eye or ear, apply medication to both. I guess I should include mouth to the list. Now I am at work with both corners of my mouth oozing water and I have been having cold sores long enough to know that the Abreva has had no effect (save multiply my sores!) Drat!!!


mochafella said...

oowee, who have you been kissing??!!

SongReach said...

mochafella, cold sores are mouth sores.... not genital herpes. You don't have to kiss anyone (they are not trasmitted sexually) to get them

adefunke said...

@ Songreach - au contraire! Cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) of which there are 2 strains. HSV-1 usually leads to lip and mouth sores (cold sores/fever blisters), while HSV-2 usually leads to genital herpes. However either one can cause cold sores or genital herpes. Both strains can be spread by kissing especially if the HSV carrier has an active sore (saliva is a very good host). Other ways of spreading it include sneezing, coughing, touching the fluid the sore weeps, touching articles that a person with an active sore has touched.

SongReach said...

new knowledge - HSV-1 can be transmitted by kissing? well duh? ok mochafella I guess you're right

If I remember correctly (its been a looong time) I didn't think HSV-1 could ever lead to HSV-2 except if it is transmitted sexually? oh well I'll research during my down time

learning is always good.