13 February 2007

The Grammys have come and gone

The Police performed and I could hardly contain myself. Their performance was short and sweet (they did 'Roxanne'), a teaser of things to come I believed and prayed and was glad to hear yesterday that it was official; they announced they will be touring North America starting on the 18th of April. For sure this is an opportunity not to be missed, Sting is 55; Stewart is 54; and Andy is 64; there probably will not be to many tours left for this band. What am I saying The Rolling Stones (Mike Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Charlie Watts)are well into their 60's and are still rocking on the road! Anyway tickets for the Canada shows go on sale in a week no word yet on the tickets for the American shows. I had read somewhere that the tickets will be priced between $50 and $225 so I am really encouraged. Gotickets.com already has tickets on sale for the New York shows in August at Madison Square Garden for $1800!!! All of a sudden the tour dvd is an option!

I liked the grammy version of 'Crazy' performed by Gnarls Barkley, especially the marching band drum beat. Mary rocked with 'Be Without You', and Christina Aguilera payed a fitting tribute to James Brown with 'Its a Man's Man's Man's World'. I know Beyonce performed but for the life of me I don't really remember it, bright lights behind her made her dress see-through and she kept splaying her legs it was very distracting. I enjoyed the Corinne Bailey Rae/John Legend/John Mayer (didn't know he was that tal ; 6'1) performance and as always it was a pleasure seeing a green eyed Smokey (I never knew till a couple of months ago that he had green eyes) and the seemingly ageless Lionel perfom although I felt it was odd pairing them with Chris Brown ( he had these like 6/7 yr old boys crumping it was wicked)!. I felt it ruined the flow of that particular joint performance. I think John Legend would have been a better pairing you know, keeping the singer/songwriter thing going.

Seal and Burt Bacharach presented an award together and Burt said he would be honored to work on a collaboration with Seal. That would be interesting, lets wait and see.

You know I am thinking about it now and you know the person who is truly ageless? Prince! That guy at 48 does not look a day older than he did almost 30 yrs ago when he first started performing.

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