24 February 2007

The Number 23

I just got home from seeing this movie and I will not lie it did occur to me as I got home to grab my eyeliner and begin to 'calculate' my life on my living room wall but I would like to get as much of my deposit back with minimum effort on my part when I move out :)

Initially it seemed he wouldn't pull it off; his character was narrating, and his delivery of key lines made me laugh out loud. I find Jim's comedy a bit manic and as the movie progressed I was drawn in, the laughs got fewer and far between I saw less of Jim the pet detective and more of Jim the confused father and husband who had allowed his head to be filled with nonsense now walking the thin line between fact and fiction. The last like 20 mins had me on the edge of my seat. The end ... I don't know I had so fallen 'in love' with the character I was hoping for an 'Unfaithful' type conclusion but I loved the last frame it gave me the goose bumps. In all a refreshing if not suprising performance from Mr Carey

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Morountodun said...

I saw the preview for this one in the cinema recently and while I'm not traditionally a Jim Carey fan am tempted to give it a try. Here is hoping for suspension of disbelief!