21 February 2007

House Cleaning

I find I am a little idle at work. Last week Wednesday I got an assignment which was supposed to take me two weeks to complete; I completed it in two days (Friday last week). I tried to look busy on Monday and I had to just give up and tell my supervisor I was done. We were supposed to have a show and tell with my other team members yesterday but a crisis on another project put that on the back burner the end result of all this is that I spent yesterday cleaning out/organising my hotmail inbox.

I started out with over 3000 emails in total in my inbox, over 700 of them unread. I managed to reduce the total number to a little over 1100 with unread mails narrowed down to 26 and I am not done cleaning. A lot of my unread emails were job search related; daily listings from Dice, Monster, and CareerBuilder. It was interesting to note that about half of the emails in my inbox were job search related; prior to my Houston job I had between 350 and 400 job search related emails, between that job and getting the offer for my current job I had another like 550 - 600 emails and after that offer till I actually started work another like 300. I wanted to try and make an estimate of how many copies of my resume I ended up sending out but Hotmail unlike Yahoo doesn't have that robust a search feature.

Of course I unearthed all sorts of gems; jokes, pictures of friends offsprings, 419 solicitations, and a sex manual sent to me by a friend who admonished me to study hard and practice only after I had a band of precious metal and couple of carats on the fourth finger (yes the thumb is a digit) of my left hand!

It was also interesting to see all (almost all) the people who have left comments on my blog (over 500 of them!) and of course the regularity of commentators (anonymous really should start his/her own blog!)


W.A. said...

conidered switching to Microsoft Live Mail?

You may then be able to take advantage of the search features in the new hotmail...

adefunke said...

I already use Live Mail, I switched the day they launched it and headed straight for the search feature (I thought yahoo did a brilliant job with theirs) I was sorely dissappointed nothing more than the basic search bar at the top of the page.