21 February 2007

The Police Reunion Tour - Update

I was a bit dissappointed to find that when the initial tour dates were announced L.A. wasn't a stop, the closest stop was Las Vegas. I am in heaven this morning as I learn that they have added dates in Oakland and L.A! I am not sure if I will not still make the trip out to Toronto since I have never been, killing several birds with one stone. We'll see I guess it all depends on if I can get time off work.

Police add dates in Oakland, L.A. yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was searching the internet for tour dates in Germany and came to your blog by chance. We both support The Police and Blogger as it seems :-)

Go and get a ticket! I was lucky to see them almost 25 years ago in Hamburg when they toured with Ghost In The Machine and later with Synchronicity.

Good blog by the way...

Morountodun said...

I'm a Sting fan and haven't really got into the Police in any way (In fact I wondered what was in it for him joining up with the Police again!).

Do you know if they are going to record any new material?

adefunke said...

You will be suprised to learn that a lot of the popular Sting songs are actually Police songs; 'Roxanne', 'Every step ou take', 'If you love somebody set them free', 'Don't stand so close to me' ... I don't think the decision will ruin his career he is a big star. Atimes as an artist you put yourself aside for your fans and in this case we are really grateful.