20 February 2007

The Police Reunion Tour

I must be the happiest Police fan, I can't believe they are going on tour and I will not have to read about it, I can actually attend! I am so happy I am amazed I haven't passed out from sheer joy! Or that I still need to eat, I would have thought the adrenaline coursing through my veins would sustain me till July! Alas I will have to shed my extra pounds like everybody else - watch what I eat and exercise!!!

Each day brings more good news about the tour, I just got an email from gotickets.com informing me that new dates had been announced for Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver while new dates are expected for New York. Details for the London and Europe dates will also be announced soon. The best birthday present ever would have been to watch them perform in Fenway Park (Boston) but my friend (whom I have coerced into following me) says he is not budging from Toronto so Toronto it is either on the 22nd or 23rd of July. I am sooooooooooooo excited, I can hardly wait for July to come!


Anonymous said...

eh....(blushing furiously) re your post on Jay-Z. He says "H O" as in hova, ho et al. I take it you are not a fan...me neither. I know cuz my husband is a huge fan.

Peace and Love.Readerin Toronto

adefunke said...

My dear thank you. No I am not a fan, he does nothing for really the only thing he did that I like is a collaboration with Foxy Brown on 'I'll Be'. I always rock it at de gym.