20 February 2007

Russell Simmons Presents ... Def Poetry

I stumbled upon this show quite by accident on Saturday and really enjoyed watching it. I am shocked to see that it's in its 6th season, never heard of it. For fellow JJC's out there, the show is hosted by Mos Def and as the name implies is about poetry. If you watch Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam then you already know the format of the show. The first recital (The Industry) was from DMX who for some strange reason I happen to like. Then there was this guy who did 'Sexy'; a redefining (is that a word?) of what is perceived to be sexy; and this couple who did 'Six Million' as in 6 million ways to die they chose marriage; and a girl who did 'The Reasons I Love You' (she really cracked me up) and Jill Scott Sang her poem which I wasn't really feeling. My favorite performance of the evening was by a guy called Asia titled 'The Waiting Hour' about his bout with cancer and chemo. I really really liked it. Unfortunately HBO doesn't have clips on their site :(

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