07 April 2007

Arsenal 0 - 1 West Ham

'So when is the Arsenal burial?'

This was the question my sleep addled brain had to process this morning. Apparently it was a very important question, my friend called all the way from Nigereia to ask it. This particular friend doesn't follow football, I know she is channeling someone elses fantasy. With a promise to call with the details I quickly go check the results of the Arsenal/West Ham game on Soccernet. Incredible! West Ham managed to score a goal at the end of the first half and more incredible they managed to hold us off for the whole of the second half! First loss at Emirates ( I was hoping we would go atleast a season unbeaten at home), 3rd straight premieship loss. We are in 4th position with a game in hand which win or lose doesn't really affect us (the 4-1 Liverpool routing made sure of that!). We are hardly dead and in need of burying, come on!

Match Report soccernet.com


Anonymous said...

i know i declared at the beginning of the season that i can no longer support arsenal due to it's direct link with israel - but hey i cannot help but feel gutted at this latest loss - bloody hell - but i dont think we need to start digging the grave yet! there is always another season - with henry fully fit and .........................blah blah
love arsenal love life. Next up Kaiser Chiefs !

Anonymous said...

Hey! What a time to discover a some more arsenal fans. Its painful yeah but we not dead yet Adefunke (sick maybe). Lol