11 May 2007

Back to Black

'They tried to make me go to rehab I said no, no, no'

I am currently 'in love' with Amy Winehouse. There has been a lot of buzz about her US debut album which is actually her second album ‘Back to Black’. I googled her and this tiny white girl under a hug beehive and like tons of mascara and eyeliner emerged. A very ‘50s-‘60s look to match her ‘50s-‘60s rock & roll (as well as R&B and soul) inspired album. I have only listened to two tracks off her album (‘Rehab’ and ‘You know I’m no good’) and I love them both. I especially like her very defiant singing on ‘Rehab’. The story behind the song is interesting too, she apparently penned it after her management company suggested she go into rehab for her … eh … drinking ‘problems’. She dumped them before she wrote the song by the way. As usual iTunes is offering a ‘jara’ track on their site (You know I am no good feat. Ghostface Killah). I heard it once on the radio and it sounded interesting. Hold on, that particular track is on GhostFace’s album ‘More Fish’. I definitely will be putting my money where my mouth is.


Nigerian Woman in Norway said...

yepp... she has a funk, rebellious feel, and it is refreshing. a bad girl and proud of it too.

buy her first album 'frank.'

my fave track is one when she tells her man that he should be stronger than her, don't tell me about your mother, i don't care.


ababoypart2 said...

She is quite good, quite good


I saw her perform on Jay Leno. Performance was weak, but the song, 'Rehab' grabbed my attention. I found the video on Youtube and loved it. Then I found her othe song, 'Fuck me Pumps', loves it!!!!

I however am very stingy about buying albums so will wait a while before I purchase hers. Especially as I just spent some coin on KSA'a 'Juju Music' (you know me and my recent obsession).

I wonder, have you heard of Feist? She has a wonderful voice and is still relatively underground in these parts, but I'd like to recommend her. Check Youtube for her song - 'Mushaboom' or 'One Evening' (my fav). Let me know what you think...

adefunke said...

@solomonsydelle - Hmmm ... 'Dido'esque

The Last King Of Scotland said...

she is wonderful. im thinking of blogging about her soon. nice post.mixture between macy gray's rough voice and billie holiday's effortless blues