20 May 2007

Sir Shina Peters

A friend sent me a link to Sir Shina Peters 'Ace' as a present the other day. I was at work and it was really hard not to just get up and fling my hips around. Anywho, although the lyrics (at the time the song was released) were considered really raunchy, I could not help but admire the imagery they conveyed especially this line:
afara omi ton da mi lorun ton je siki-siki
(the bridge that is your breasts that is 'breaking' my neck)


Anonymous said...

Oh Sir Shina!!! That was another era gone by, a fun one by the way. I was jisting a friend of mine recently how me and a couple of other girls (all pals) used to gather around and dance to that album with so much enegry and joy in those days. We knew all the wordings and will dance till our waist start to ache! It was so much fun, another one we had as much fun with was Ayuba's Bonsue Music!! That one was also a chart breaking one!!


Omodudu said...

I have been known to blast that track at full volume in the highway. people look at me like that must be some rock music, I look at them like my friend this ain't no linkin park this is Sir Shina Peters

Omodudu said...

reminds me of shoulder pads and linen pants lol

adefunke said...

ah! Shoulder pads and linen!!!!

NaijaBloke said...

Eshi to siwaju oti gba ipo kini na,eyae janpata..

That was the jam right there..

Anonymous said...

lol @ sir shina peters baffs in dat picture..i blogged about him a month ago sef