29 June 2007


I caught parts of the BET awards on TV the other night and was surprised to see Jennifer Hudson win in the Best New Artist category. I was a little confused seeing that she was nominated alongside MIMS, Corrine Bailey Rae, Gnarls Barkley and Lupe Fiasco who all had released albums in the year under review. Has she released an album, or does the soundtrack for ‘DreamGirls’ qualify her? Or maybe what what I really should be pondering is the definition of 'artist' with respect to the category she won for. I must admit that I have had cause to be somewhat confused when it comes to categories and qualifications for said categories when it comes to award shows. Remember when Craig David was nominated in the same category two consecutive years (2002, 2003) for songs (Fill Me In, 7 Days) from his 'Born To Do It' album? I guess he rode the coat tails of the UK release date versus US release date technicality on that one. I still think he deserved to win the grammy both times though.

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