29 June 2007

Non Surgical Facelift

These oyinbo people are slow o, they are just catching on to the face lifting powers of hair braiding! I had to laugh as I watched this report on accesshollywood the other day. Why do they think us beautiful women from the African continent never look our ages? Yeah (good) black don't crack and whatever does manage to crack we be repairing (albeit temporarily) by braiding our hair creating smooth skin on our foreheads, temples and the nape of our necks. As a matter of fact 'Threading' is another hair preparation method that serves a double purpose. Of course beauty is pain and nothing is as painful as having the misfortune of getting your hair braided/threaded by a person with an excessively firm grip. Panadol does come in handy for the headache, and the pain will go away with time. If you are lucky thats all you will get, a real unlucky person gets the bumps too. aarrgghhh!!! The bumps!!!! Nasty little painful things and they can be the most unsightly mess oozing pus and all.

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lol!!! Braids, panadol and bumps...
Brings back memories.