29 June 2007

Lauryn, O Lauryn

Can You imagine that 10 years after her debut album (The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill) we are still awaiting her sophomore album? I heard a couple of months ago that contrary to what we all believe (i.e. she has been undergoing a 9yr plus mental breakdown) Lauryn has been recording and she has an impressive body of never before seen nor heard work not exactly rivaling Prince (but coming close). I also heard Columbia was refusing to release her sophomore album for not very clear reasons. Lauryn had a concert this past Wednesday in California and if reports of the said concert are anything to go by, I am beginning to see why we will have to wait a bit longer for the much awaited sophomore album. The new material is supposed to be un-inspiring and apparently Lauryn's pipes are rusty. Incidentally I have been listening to the 'Miseducation' album for about two weeks now, I LOVE that album (from 'Lost Ones', 'Ex-factor', 'To Zion', 'Doo Wop', 'Forgive Them Father', Every Ghetto Every City', and her cover of the Frankie Vallie hit 'Can't Take My Eyes of You') and I have been seriously wondering if Lauryn would ever be able to atleast match her debut effort and preferably surpass it. I just pray she gets herself together and puts something out she is so talented and I just love her voice. Love you Lauryn, I will continue to pray for you, you be aight.

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Ogbono_Fishsticks said...

Shes a genius.

Exfactor heals me.