31 August 2007

David Dein Redux

Like a bad penny, Double D is back. Well to be honest, I didn't think he was going to roll over and die ... but really don't 'call a dog a monkey' to us, we can see through your veneer of hastily applied Arsenal club loyalty. At least the imminent take-over bid from Red & White Holdings Ltd is not like tomorrow:
Dein will spearhead plans to increase its stake in Arsenal, although he insists there is 'no current intention to make a takeover offer'.

Dein sells Arsenal shares to Russian billionaire soccernet.com

Gunners MD plays down Dein news soccernet.com

Red and White Holdings Ltd now own 14.58% of Arsenal

1 comment:

419naija said...

All the gunner blogs seem to think its a bad move, and somehow I think so. I wonder were it leaves the Prof and his new contract