02 September 2007

Arsenal 3 - 1 Portsmouth

Match Report soccernet.com


Dami said...

good game,pompey were supposed to be the hard nut- we showed them how its done gunner stylee!

what do u think about diarra, i was hoping we get a bigger player

Anonymous said...

Come on girl put your own thought about the match up not just the score. Afterall since we are on the internet we all have access to bbc.co.uk

419naija said...

We are winning the games we drew last season. Looking good so far. If we beat 'them lot down the road' in our next game, then we will be serious contenders. Pls drop by my blog when you can

adefunke said...

@dami - He is touted as being the second coming of Makelele and we all know he is not exactly big. At the start of the season I was concerned about our lack of a 'physical' presence in the midfield especially with respect to our CL champaign. It seems however that our lads in the midfield are not only holding their own they are out scoring the attackers!

@419naija - yup at this point last season we where like in the 9th position in the tables. Its interesting to also note that Liverpool was like a position away from the relegation zone!