16 November 2007

Cookery Lesson of yesteryear

I just got off the phone with an old friend. In the middle of catching up (he had recently totaled his car and walked away unscathed with his daughter who has learned a valuable lesson; speed can be fun and also very costly) he was like ' ah, I need to thank you, you might not remember, its been a while' I am racking my brain wondering what it was exactly I did seeing that I hadn't seen this friend in like 5 yrs 'ehen, wetin be dat?' I asked 'I just finished cooking chicken stew' I started laughing. Apparently many (many) years ago I taught him to cook stew and he has not wanted for a home cooked meal every since. Please find 'attached' photographic evidence as received via text.

1 comment:

Ozymandias said...

Sure looks good...you must have been a good tutor..