15 November 2007

Senate admits awarding N500m broadcast contract

I am little confused, did the Senate really need to pay media outlets to cover the senate confirmation hearings? What is the work of the NTA? I can understand that it will not make sense financially for a private media outlet to devote hours broadcasting the hearings for free, the hope of another 'please sing the national anthem' moment isn't really worth that much. As the propaganda machine for the FG I would have thought broadcasting the hearings would fall perfectly with the purview of the NTA. Perhaps this is the exact reason why private media had to be used, to let the public know that no 'magomago' was involved. I am sure there is a more cost effective way to have gotten the job done though, even after factoring in the 'ghana must go' bags.

Senate admits awarding N500m broadcast contract punchng.com

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