14 November 2007


You have got to love America!

I just heard this on NPR. Carpenters in Chicago are protesting the use of non union labor by a local bank for its renovations. I am guessing in order not to miss out on business (union carpenters earn $24/hr), they hired homeless people at $8/hr to picket for them! One of the homeless people who was interviewed stated that he needed more money. For a split second I was wondering does he need more money as per his picketing gig or he needs more money is the reason he hooked up with the picketing gig in the first place ... I am thinking the latter is the case.


Anonymous said...

yep... i saw them picketing today. that's America for you!

Ozymandias said...

lol...that's really very hilarious.

Royal_Prince said...

Funny but not funny.
over here in Naija nobody cares. Employers seem to call the shots without batting an eyelid.